Spilum blak Ý Hollandi!!!

Stelpur ˙r Fylki ˇska eftir karlspilurum til a­ fara me­ sÚr ß blakmˇt Ý Hollandi 28. - 31. maÝ ■ar sem spila­ er Ý bl÷ndu­um li­um.

Best skipulag­a mˇti­ innan EFCS !!

 "You can tell your teammembers, this is the best organised tournament within EFCS, it is not only a good tournament qua sports organisation but also from the socialising way. The accommodation is (both hotel and sports) is super. And the price is all inclusive, exept the drinks in the day-time."

┴hugasamir hafi samband vi­ ┴rna Inga, arni@gks.is e­a S:891-6100